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On the Eve of the Great Victory the tanker Oral Launched at Krasnoe Sormovo

May 11, 2010

On May 8, the Victory Day’s eve, at Krasnoe Sormovo the third tanker built for the National Maritime Shipping Company Kazmortransflot was launched. The tanker was named Oral (the oldest city of the Western Kazakhstan Uralsk).

The ship’s length is 150 m, beam 17.3 m, draught 7 m, and DWT 13 ths tons. The tanker is designed to transport up to three grades of petrochemicals, and its double hull is to prevent oil spill in the event of an accident. In its double boards and bottom, two cargo tanks of overall volume 14,770 cub. m, two slop tanks and ballast compartments are provided.

The contract signed by Kazmortransflot and Krasnoe Sormovo Plant in April, 2009, provides for construction of three crude oil tankers. The first tanker Atyrau was delivered in September, 2009, the second tanker Aktobe has successfully passed sea trials in April, 2010.

Source: MNP Group

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