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Principles of Manufacture Localization in Aircraft Engineering and Shipbuilding

September 06, 2010

In his interview to Russia 25 station, Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, stated that principles of manufacture localization employed for attracting foreign car manufacturers to Russia can be used in aircraft engineering and shipbuilding.

— There is certain difference, of course. To build a car is easier than a ship or an aircraft. Terms and volume of investments differ to, — mentioned Prime Minister. — This is surely should be taken into account when developing projects, but the principle in point of fact is the same.

On the basis of the car manufacture industry Vladimir Putin explained that the localization degree is percentage of components produced by a foreign manufacturer at Russian enterprises. According to him, in the beginning the percentage equals to 20-25%, then it reaches 70%. Manufacture transfer to Russian enterprises results in substantial growth of equipment of domestic machine building industry and mastering of new technologies and practices.

— We can go along this road both in aircraft engineering and shipbuilding, – said Putin.

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