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Meeting with Heads of Russian Shipbuilding Enterprises

June 17, 2010

In Saint-Petersburg, Deputy CEO of OAO Gazprom Aleksander Ananenkov conducted a meeting dedicated to fulfilment of Gazprom orders by domestic shipbuilding plants as well as prospects for the company’s cooperation with Russian shipbuilders.

Representatives of Gazprom operating units, its affiliates as well as leading Russian shipbuilding enterprises (OAO Baltiysky Zavod, OAO Vyborg Shipbuilding Plant, OAO Severnaya Verf, and FGUP Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute) were present at the meeting.

Gazprom strategic directions of growth are shelf development, and LNG production and sea transportation.

The most prospective Russian shelf areas according to Gazprom are in the Barents, Kara, Pechora and Caspian Seas, basins of Gulf of Ob and Taz Bay, Sea of Okhotsks including shelf of Sakhalin island and the Western Kamchatka.

The shelf development makes it necessary for Gazprom more than ten drilling rigs and processing platforms, more than 60 various vessels and crafts and tens of LNG carriers to obtain before 2030.

To this end Gazprom strives for maximum employment of facilities of Russian shipbuilding enterprises offering them challenges for modernization of equipment and introduction of new products, thus giving them a chance to move to a radically new production level.

It was observed at the meeting that OAO Gazprom and OAO Sovremenny Kommerchesky Flot (Modern Commercial Fleet) (shortly – Sovkomflot) intend to work together to organize construction and operation of LNG carriers. Placing orders for LNG carriers at Russian enterprises is a must of this cooperation.

Summarizing the results of the meeting, Gazprom operating units and affiliates were encharged with tasks on spread of cooperation with Russian shipbuilders in order to complete vessel construction by the company’s orders in due time.

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