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”Mistral” will buy all of the Russian

March 13, 2012

Helicopter type ”Mistral”, built in France for the Russian Navy will equip only the domestic arms
Helicopter landing like ”Mistral”, which are built in France for the Russian Navy will be equipped with only the weapons of Russian origin. This was announced on Thursday the Navy Commander Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky.

”The” Mistral ”, which are built for the Russian Navy, perhaps the placement of weapons with a special warhead Russian development” – said the admiral. He also noted that the equipment ”Mistral” helicopters will be increased potential for air defense. Also, according to Commander, will be strengthened, ”carrier component in fulfilling the anti-tasks.”

Commander in Chief also noted that ”Mistrals” will operate as part of groups of ships, thereby increasing the combat capabilities of the connection.

”Mistral” – a French amphibious assault ship, which is one of the most advanced in its class. In service with the French Navy currently has three ships of this type. Their length is 199 m, width – 32 meters, the total tonnage – 21.3 thousand tons, range – 19.8 thousand kilometers. The power plant capacity of 20.4 thousand horsepower allows us to develop a top speed of 19 knots (35 km / h). The crew of ”Mistral” is composed of 160 people.

Helicopter and can carry 450 paratroopers (or 900 in the short-term swimming), 59 vehicles and 40 tanks. Air Group ”Mistral” is composed of 16 heavy or 35 light helicopters.

As part of the French Navy ships armed with two anti-aircraft missile systems Simbad and four heavy machine guns. For navigation and defense uses two radar. The ”heart” helicopter is a management information system SENIT 9, for which, in many respects, the Defense Ministry and wanted to buy ”Mistrals.”

Russia’s desire to get their hands on such modern ships, and drew criticism from Georgia and the Baltic states who saw the possible inclusion in the helicopter in the Black Sea and Baltic fleets threat to national security. Concerns expressed about the deal and the U.S. Congress, have suggested that with the ”Mistral” Russia will have important technologies and NATO.

The contract for the supply of ships was signed after long negotiations, in June last year, in the presence of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. According to unofficial data, the cost of a ”Mistral” to Russia is about 600 million euros. The first two helicopter carriers will be built in France, with about 40% of Russian manufacturers will perform the work – in particular, to the ”Admiralty Shipyards” in St. Petersburg will be collected the first vessel feed. The remaining two ”Mistral” is already in Russia will gather under license.

Earlier this month it was announced that the first landing ships – ”Vladivostok” – will join the Pacific Fleet’s three years later, the second one. The second – ”Sevastopol” – presumably, will be included in the Pacific Fleet in 2015. Two other ”Mistral”, yet have not received the names are likely to be made available to the Northern Fleet.
Although the new Russian helicopter armed with nothing is yet known about the composition of their helicopter group already has some information – it will include multi-purpose helicopters Ka-27, in various versions capable to hunt for submarines and electronic warfare, as well as multi-purpose helicopter Ka-52 in September 2011 ended the test deck version.

Willingness to serve new for the Russian navy ships at its facilities in St. Petersburg said Corporation Wartsila (a manufacturer of power plants, ”Mistral”). Today, as it was announced that Wartsila and ”United shipbuilding corporation” may create a joint venture in St. Petersburg for the production of propeller-rudder, which are installed including the ”Mistrals.”


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