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Multi-Purpose Dry-Cargo Vessel with a View to the Caspian

February 25, 2010

According to SeaNews in Odessa Marine Bureau, on February, 23rd, 2010, Aksoy Shipyard (Gelibolu, Turkey) launched multipurpose dry-cargo vessel “Modulus 3”. The customer is Albros shipping company.

“Modulus 3” (building number H-37) is the third modified vessel of 003RSD04/ALB03 project designed by Marine Engineering Bureau (initial project) and Albros (ALB03 project modification).

  • The RMRS class of the vessel is KM (*) Ice3 R1 AUT3.
  • overall length: 89.17 m;
  • width: 15.6 m;
  • hull height: 6.80 m;
  • deadweight: about 4400 tons at draft of 5.286 m in sea water and 3420 tons at draft of 4.50 m.

The single hold is shaped as a molding box with naked walls which is convenient for handling operations and cargo placing without stowing. The dimensions of the hold are: 55.9 × 12.7 × 8.0 m (with the design length of the vessel 84.56 m). Hold volume is 5486 m3.

According to the representatives of Odessa Engineering Bureau, this function makes 003RSD04/ALB03 project a very attractive design for delivering equipment for intense development of the shelf zone of the Caspian Sea. Substandard cargo packages can be delivered without transshipment from any European or Persian Gulf port by inland waterways of the Russian Federation to the Caspian Sea.

Source: SeaNews

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