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Multipurpose Rescue and Salvage Ship Laid Down at Amur Shipbuilding Plant

July 29, 2010

On June 21, 2010, at Amur Shipbuilding Plant, affiliate of the Far East Shipbuilding and Shiprepair Center of OAO United Shipbuilding Corporation, a solemn ceremony of laying down a 6 MW multipurpose rescue and salvage icebreaking vessel under project MPSV06 (construction number 360) was held.

In the ceremony participated Governor of the Khabarovsk Territory Vyacheslav Shport, First Deputy General Director of OAO Far East Shipbuilding and Shiprepair Center Evgeny Kraynov and others.

The vessel is to be constructed under the Federal Target Program for Development of the Transport Infrastructure of the Russian Federation in 2010-2015 by order of the Federal Marine and River Transport Agency of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

The project was designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau.

Multipurpose rescue and salvage vessels of project MPSV06 are to patrol and be on duty for salvage and rescue operations in navigation, fishing, offshore oil and gas field areas; search for and render assistance to ships in distress; perform icebreaking operations with ice depth up to 1.5 m; fight fires; survey sea bottom and broken objects down to 1,000 m.

The vessel is equipped with a diesel-electric propulsion unit consisting of four diesel generators of total capacity of 10.6 MW and two a.c. propulsion motors ensuring operation of two fully steerable propellers, each screw capacity being 3.5 MW.

The vessel is also equipped with fast rescue craft for 24 people.

To perform rescue operations on the water surface, two sea evacuation systems with covered life floats, boarding platforms and a float slipway are provided. A helicopter deck is provided in the bows.

The average age of 64 rescue vessels in Russia exceeded 24 years, so by 2015 36 of them will have been decommissioned. At least 19 multipurpose rescue and salvage ships, 12 supply vessels and 30 diving support vessels are to be constructed by 2020. In accordance with the Federal Target Program for Development of the Transport Infrastructure of the Russian Federation in 2010-2015 a number of vessels is to be built. These are: 4 multipurpose rescue and salvage ships for the Far East, Northern and Baltic basins; 4 multipurpose rescue and salvage ships (4 MW) for the Black Sea and Azov as well as North-Caspian basins; 4 sea-going diver support vessels (0.9 MW); 10 estuary diver support launches (0.3 MW); 6 crash boom boats (0.3 MW); 4 sea-going diver support twin-hulled ships; 4 multipurpose rescue tugs (2.5-3 MW); 4 fire-fighting tugs and others.

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