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”Murmansk Shipping Company” earns $ 10 million

February 27, 2012

OJSC ”Murmansk Shipping Company,” approved the company’s budget for 2012, which is scheduled income of $ 10 million.

The company also plans to increase next year, the presence of its ships on the routes of the world. It also calculates the shipping on the additional income from work taps into the Kola Bay of the cargo handling area Baidaratskaya lips, the press service of the company.

The volume of cargo transportation plan – more than 10 million tons. In addition, the planned export of apatite and coal from Murmansk and delivery of oil in the Arctic portopunkty. In addition, the Board of Directors meeting held subsidiaries of shipping companies: JSC ”Northern Shipping Company” and JSC ”Northern River Shipping Company,” which reviewed the budgets for 2012.

In the whole group of shipping companies of the Murmansk Shipping Company planned revenues of more than $ 400 million

Source: Business Petersburg

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