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New atomic icebreaker to be finished by 2016

October 04, 2010

 “An idea to build new icebreakers to work in the Arctic was supported by the Marine Board members. We’ve already got a layout design of a modern atomic icebreaker that should follow the Northern Sea Route by 2015-16”, Deputy Prime Minister Sergey Ivanov said after the Marine Board meeting in Murmansk. “There is a layout design of a modern icebreaker that meets the most advanced international standards. We know that the USA and Canada work together on the icebreaker of the same class. However, we will try to build it using our domestic resources. We even hope that our icebreaker will have bigger displacement. We need the icebreaker by 2015-2016. To achieve this, the construction must be launched now. All members of the Marine Board have approved that approach to develop our atomic icebreaker fleet”, said Ivanov.
He added that all icebreakers of “Rosatom” state corporation are now at sea. On Saturday the atomic icebreaker RUSSIA set off to deliver the floating station SP-38. That shows there is a lot of work in the Arctic, Ivanov remarked. “This year a vessel owned by Sovkomflot followed the Northern Sea Route proving that cargo transportation in summer navigation season is not only feasible but also economically efficient. We hope that next year Russian cargo vessels will take the turn, which will be a considerable achievement,” noted the Russian Deputy Prime Minister.
OAO “Baltic plant” is the major builder of icebreakers in Russia. It was here that all Soviet atomic icebreakers were built. In the post-soviet period the Plant launched the icebreaker “The 50th Victory Anniversary”.
News source: Bonnier Business Press,

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