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New simulator put into operation in Admiral Ushakov Maritime State Academy

June 24, 2010

On June 2-3, 2010, in the course of the visit of representatives of OAO Gazprom and delegation of OOO Gazprom Dobycha Shelf to Admiral Ushakov Maritime State Academy, a new helicopter ditching simulator was put into operation.

The system manufactured by Transas Company is a model of a helicopter cabin diving into the basin and turning over under the water. The students’ task is to come out of the cab through emergency escapes and using the emergency breathing system.

“With putting into operation of the new simulator, the Southern Regional Center of Continuing Professional Education of Admiral Ushakov Maritime State Academy becomes the only simulator center in the European part of the Russian Federation equipped to train staff of mobile offshore units and drilling rigs to perform rescuing operations on the water,” said Sergey Matsenko, head of the Crisis Management Center CRIMAS of Admiral Ushakov Maritime State Academy.

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