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Nordic Yards’ Shipyards May Again Be Sold

July 07, 2010

Nordic Yards Company established by ex-head of Gazprom Vitaly Yusufov on the basis of Wadan Yards assets (shipyards located in Germany) may be sold to United Shipbuilding Corporation.

OSK Press-Service head Igor Ryabov confirmed relevant negotiations to be carried already. He says OSK consultation started only a month ago and no agreements have not been reached so far. Foreign shipbuilding know-how are of great interest to the corporation; they can be obtained by means of assets purchase or cooperation with foreign companies. To this end in June OSK signed an agreement on foundation of a joint venture with Daewoo; the new enterprises is to build a new shipyard at the Far East.

According to Vitaly Yusufov’s representative, negotiations on cooperation with OSK have been held since autumn 2009, and Nordic Yards is concerned both in OSK staking and founding a new shipbuilding company.

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