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Oil Platform Construction Started in the Primorie Territory

April 02, 2010

Construction of a new drilling and production offshore platform started in the dry dock of the Vostochny Sea Port. The platform was ordered by the Sakhalin-1 Project international consortium for the Arkutun-Dagi field.

There are no other objects to construct marine platforms at the Far East. As communicated to RIA Vostok-Media reporter by specialists of Vostco Yard Offshore Structures Plant, the enterprise provides engineering-infrastructural support in the area of construction of drilling platforms and other marine large-sized objects. On the site of the Vostochny Sea Port, it executes orders of large foreign companies within the framework of international oil and gas projects.

Engineering and accommodation buildings are located around the dry dock near the old course of the river Glinka. These are structure and process pipeline assembly shops, welding and painting shops, workshops (about 15), outside bulk storages and storage hangars for technical components, metal structures and facilities, canteens and locker rooms, and so on.

Currently some hundreds are employed here while in the peak period about two thousand engineers, designers, workers and attending personnel are employed all at once, of that three hundred are foreign specialists. Even now tens of units of equipment are employed, four powerful tracked tower cranes go along the foundation and numerous mobile cranes come and go. Sand is delivered from Novoshakhtinskoe, gravel from local open casts and cement from Spassk. The major part of metal is Russian apart from some thousands of tons of titanium steel.

The platform foundation is of considerable dimensions: 132.6 × 100 × 12.4 m (LxWxH). (As compared to the standard football field size established by the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) of 105×68 meters). Four columns of considerable size are to be installed on this foundation and inside them hundreds (!) of kilometers of pipelines will be laid. All facilities necessary for object control, well drilling, oil production and transfer as well as vessel pier and helicopter deck, offices, overnight facilities, canteens, stores, and safety systems are to be located on numerous boards of these columns.

The assembly is performed in a very large foundation area. As far as the bottom is much lower than the sea level, up to 5 ths cubic meters of water per hour are pumped out this pit. The platform bottom is concrete enveloped. The active stage of the construction is to begin now. The hard facing operations are to begin from April 5. 2 batch plants at once are built in parallel with delivery of metal and construction of a shutter formwork. The amount of energy to be consumed is to be equal to 3.5 MW. In June, 2012, the platform to be transported by the Seas of Japan and Okhotsk. And 3 months later is will be installed on the place of the future well.

The dry dock on the south of the Primorie Territory was constructed in 2003 within the Sakhalin-2 project. In 2004-2006, a unique order for construction of technology-intensive structures for oil production on the Sakhalin shelf was completed here. The Lunskoye and Piltun-Astokhskoye gravity platforms are profitably employed in oil and gas production. All their production is chartered for years ahead.

It cannot be ruled out that in addition to the Arutun-Dagi field order, another platform will be constructed in the dry dock.

Source: RIA Vostok-Media

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