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At Okskaya Sudoverf (Shipyard “Oka”), Heading Dry-Cargo Vessel of 10-vessel series ordered by “Volga Shipping Company” Has Been Laid Down

February 25, 2010

On February, 24th, 2010, at Shipyard “Oka”, there occurred laying down of the heading dry-cargo vessel of RSD44 project with river dead weight about 5440 tons of “Volga max” class. RSD44 project was designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau. In total, the new series intended for the replacement of the basis of the current river dry-cargo fleet – “Volgo-Don” and “Volzhski” vessels, is to consist from 10 vessels to be built at the first stage, as the designer reported.

The new dry-cargo vessels of RSD44 project “Volga max” (design waterline length 138.9 m, width 16.5 m, hull height 5 m, coaming height 2.2 m) are intended for inland transportation within the Russian Federation of general, bulk, wood and large-dimension cargoes, grains, potash and mineral fertilizers, sulfur, coal, paper, construction materials, metal products as well as up to 140 containers. Vessel deadweight with 3.6 m draft in river is about 5440 tons, with 3.53 m draft in sea – 5460 tons. Cargo hold volume is 7090 m3, class according to the Russian River Register – О-ПР 2,0 (лед 20) А.

The vessels will also be navigated along Volga-Don Ship Way (VDSW), Volga-Baltic Ship Way, in Azov Sea up to Kavkaz port as well as in the Gulf of Finland. The passage under Neva bridges in Saint Petersburg and under Rostov railroad bridge (Rostov-on-Don) is to be without the need for drawing those bridges (the maximum above-water dimension for passing under bridges is 5.4 m). Project RSD44 dimensions (overall length of 139.99 m, overall width of 16.80 m) permit the navigation through VDSW including the “old” branch of Kochetov canal lock without the need for “special navigation”. As the ship designer noted, the volume of the hold volume of RSD44 project ships 21% larger than that of “Volzhski” project, which allows ships of RSD44 project not only transport large-dimensional cargoes, but also to increase the charge for transportation of “light” loads – barley, sunflower seeds, cotton, metal scrap and large-diameter pipes, etc.

While having the same length and width, dry-cargo vessel of RSD44 project has a smaller hull height which makes its module 8% smaller than that for “Volzhski” type vessels; this allows saving up to 8% of overall costs for port and navigation dues.

“Thus, RSD44 project vessel which Shipyard “Oka” started building in series, represents a unique engineering complex combining overall dimensions that are optimal for inland waterways and the modern equipment and navigation facilities and demonstrating significant advantages as compared to the existing models,” noted the representatives of the Marine Engineering Bureau.

Source: PortNews

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