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OSK Expects Enterprises of the Far East to Secure More Orders for Ships Used in Shelf Development

May 05, 2010

The situation in the shipbuilding at the Far East is stable, reported the head of United Shipbuilding Corporation (OSK) Roman Trotsenko to Prime Minister of the Russian Federation during the working meeting.

“As for the Far East, we should mention that today’s situation is stable and we expect more civil-oriented orders for ships, – said he. – These are ships used in shelf development and drilling rig service ships. Enterprises of the Far East are going to specialize in this sector.”

Trotsenko also informed Prime Minister on completion of the shipyard design in the town of Bolshoy Kamen. “This is a joint-venture organized with the participation of our Korean partners. It should be mentioned we made the right choice: they put a lot of efforts and technologies into this design. In May we are going to complete tender procedures so as to commence construction works in June,” noticed he.

“As for Chazhma, the situation is a bit more complicated,” continued the head of OSK reminding that there a shipyard for drilling rigs was to be constructed. “Unfortunately, we had to suspend construction works due to the fact that the Ministry of Defense had not transferred us the site. Today, no foreign specialist can access there and once Singaporean engineers who came there to carry out design works and connect the project design to the site could not obtain access, too,” reported Trotsenko.

As for situation at Amur Shipbuilding Plant, head of OSK mentioned that “the back pay was eliminated and the plant is well loaded now.” “We have placed an order for a large complex 7 MW icebreaker. This is the first ship of such size and technological level to be constructed at the plant. We also continue works relating new corvette for needs of the Pacific Fleet at high pace. The plant is working and we could say that efforts to save it and its staff were not waste,” highlighted Trotsenko.


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