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OSK Proposed to Extend the Leasing Programme for the Shipbuilding up to 10 Years

February 21, 2010

The United Shipbuilding Corporation (OSK) proposes extending the leasing programme for the shipbuilding up to 10 Years. According to the press-service of the Government of Russian, the proposal was initiated by Roman Trotsenko, Chairman of OSK, during his meeting with Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation. According to Trotsenko, in 2010, the leasing programme for the shipbuilding industry amounts to RUR 2.7 bln. “We are under impression that the objective is not so much to increase the volume but to extend it over a longer term, so we are to deal with 10-year programme amounting RUR 3 bln. So, we would be able to collect an order package,” offered the chairman of OSK.

According to him, the leasing programme has already started working. “This year was the first one when leasing loans have been granted. The most active bank in this respect is VEB which has already credited shipbuilding contracts for the amount of RUR 4 bln. through its subsidiary VEB-Leasing,” informed Roman Trotsenko.

“The current formula looks as follows: one ruble is contributed by a ship-owner, another one by OSK under an easy-term leasing scheme and one more ruble is received from the bank. Currently Sberbank and VTB take part in the programme. However, VEB is the most active,” explained he.

“This has proven to be the most effective measure. It is very simple and easy controllable,” told Trotsenko.

In accordance with the measure, the state is to devote funds to OSK which, through a state-owned agent bank, credits shipbuilding contracts on the condition that ships are constructed in Russia, equipped with Russian machinery by 60% and go under the Russian flag.

Since the measure proved to be effective, we ask for your permission to extend them for the next year – noted the chairman of OSK in his talk with Vladimir Putin. – We expect that should the fishery fleet be allocated quotas, the fishing companies will show interest in construction of a new fleet.

Besides, the chairman of OSK mentioned the programme of compensation of two-thirds of the interest rate for shipping loans and offered also to prolong it.

The United Shipbuilding Corporation, OJSC, was formed in 2007. The Corporation comprises three regional shipbuilding centers: the Western Shipbuilding Center, OJSC (Saint-Petersburg); the Northern Shipbuilding and Maintenance Center, OJSC (Severodvinsk); the Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Maintenance Center, OJSC (Vladivostok) and the leading design bureaus.

Source: PortNews

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