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May 19, 2010

Icebreakers, LNG carriers and river barges will soon become the main product of domestic manufacturers, said Deputy Director of the Department of the Shipbuilding Industry and Marine Equipment of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Andrey Kurasov.

Marine Industry of Russia Exhibition opens today in Moscow and is to work till May, 22nd. The day before, Andrey Kurasov told about first steps in implementation of the Russian shipbuilding industry upgrading state programme. For the next six years, the construction of the main perspective ships of the 21st century is planned to start.

So far, there is no task of building large passenger ships, Kurasov noted. The main task is to meet the demand of large companies that produce and transport gas and oil.

The development of the northern shelf in the Arctic zone is a task of strategic importance. Gazprom and United Shipbuilding Corporation are already working on the project for building LNG carriers that will be able to operate at low temperature. There are no such ships in the world yet. According to the estimates of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the cost of this project is in the range from 6 to 8 billion rubles. “It is planned to build not a single dozen of such ships,” Kurasov said. Gazprom expects the first LNG carrier to be put in line in 2016.
The information on the methods of financing this project, the share of public and private investments is not yet disclosed.

In Southern Russia, special shipbuilding zones are planned with preferential economic conditions for both ship manufacturers and their customers. The Decree of the President of Russia on creating the Southern Shipbuilding Center, OAO United Shipbuilding Corporation is pending. According to Kurasov, this Corporation will consolidate public assets present on the Caspian and Black sea regions, and, probably, assets of enterprises residing in the southern part of the Volga. Mainly this means the state-owned stakes belonging presently to the Federal Property Management Agency. “We will take all stakes that still remain,” Kurasov said.

However, he noted, we must not forget about river vessels which are presently in high demand for northern deliveries and are still the only means of bulk commodity delivery. But now, passenger-carrying river companies prefer to operate old steamers which are over 25 years old. As Andrei Kurasov explained to Rossiiskaya Gazeta, those companies cannot purchase new vessels because they have nowhere to get money from. And there is still no any programme for the provision of subsidized long-term loans for small river transport companies. According to Andrey Kurasov, the shipbuilders are fully capable of organizing manufacture of ships that can carry up to 200 persons.


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