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Port Vanino (the Khabarovsk Territory) Received a New Bulk Cargo Harbor Crane

February 21, 2010

A new high capacity handling machine Mantsinen RCT-90 purchased by Vanino Commercial Sea Port from a Finnic company under a contract concluded in 2009 was supplied to Port Vanino (the Khabarovsk Territory). As it was mentioned by the press-service of the stevedoring company, the tracked mobile harbor crane will be used at the third transshipment complex in operations with bulk cargoes, among other things, in coal detraining to the warehouse. By use of the transshipment machinery, the port is to improve transshipment method efficiency and cut down storage operation expenditures.

This is the fifth Finnic transshipment machine in the pool of Port Vanino, OJSC. The new machine features more powerful properties: its lifting capacity is 16 tons and maximum horizontal reach 25 m.

Port Vanino, OJSC, is the largest stevedoring company in the Khabarovsk Territory. Through Vanino, cargoes to north-east regions of Russia, Japan, South Korea, China, Australia, USA and other ATP countries are delivered. In 2009, the cargo turnover of the stevedoring company was 6 mln. tons of cargo which is 9.4% less than the results of 2008.

Source: PortNews

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