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Priority Areas of Rosrybolovstvo for 2010

May 11, 2010

By decision of the Board of the Federal Fishery Agency, priority areas for 2010 were specified.

Order #424 On Pronouncement of the Board of the Federal Fishery Agency dated May 5, 2010, was issued by the agency. The resolution of the Board specified issues to concentrate efforts of Rosrybolovstvo on in 2010. These issues comprise implementation of the Doctrine of Food Safety of the Russian Federation, Fishing Industry Development Strategy till 2020 and policies of the Federal Target Programmes.

Improving of the regulatory and legal framework in the fishing industry is still one of the priorities. In the first place, this issue regards alterations to the Federal Law Concerning the Fishing Industry and Conservation of Aquatic Biological Resources and amendment drafting of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.

Besides, Rosrybolovstvo is to continue working upon draft laws Concerning Conservation, Reproduction, Rational Use of Sturgeon and Regulation of Circulation of its Products, Concerning Aquaculture, and the Technical Regulations for Food Products Fabricated of Aquatic Biological Resources.

The completion of works upon defining borders of sea ports of the Russian Federation including marine terminals for end-to-end servicing of fishing fleet vessels is planned for this year. Rosrybolovstvo intends to cooperate with concerned federal executive bodies, administrations of constituent territories of the Russian Federation, associations and individual fishery enterprises regarding refit, design and construction of fishing fleet vessels at domestic shipbuilding and shiprepair facilities as well as to elaborate a leasing scheme for civil vessels and marine facilities produced by domestic shipyards.

Another priority is implementation of active, and elaboration of new measures against illegal, incommunicable and unregulated fisheries in the exclusive economic zone of the Russian Federation and marine areas beyond national jurisdiction. Besides, improvement of cooperation between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, FSB, FCS and the Ministry of the Interior regarding suppression of calling at foreign ports for vessels under flags of convenience transporting aquatic bioresources products of Russian origin.

Source: RIA

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