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Rescue Tug Boat Zvezdochka Ready for Trials

June 17, 2010

In the beginning of July the final stage of the state trials of the rescue tug boat (RTB) Zvezdochka – check sortie. The vessel is to be delivered on July 25, the Navy Day.

RTB Zvezdochka is designated for transportation, transshipment, provision of testing of marine facilities and armaments, search, survey and hoisting of sunk equipment, and performance of other operations complemented by deploying, application and hoisting of large floating and bottom objects, fleet training and SAR support.

The 500 ton DWT vessel was designed by Central Marine Design Bureau Almaz (Saint-Petersburg). RTB Zvezdochka is qualified as an ice class A2 vessel and is equipped with heavy-duty hoisting equipment and unmanned deep-operating vehicles.

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