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Roman Trotsenko - “Giving away catch quotas means letting fishing companies dissipate the national wealth”

October 04, 2010

 Catch quotas must be given to fishing companies on the condition that they will hire the boat at a home shipyard. “It is common practise for countries with shipbuilding and fishery,” said the head of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) in his interview to Kommersant newspaper. Roman Trotsenko says that instead of the existing mechanism there should have been used another approach – to give catch quotas to fishing companies in case they hire a boat in Russia.
The head of USC is optimistic that the current system of catch quotas distribution will be changed in the future. “The existing mechanism will be in force till 2017. We realise that it will stay unchanged till that year. What we strive for is to make the Government clearly express their position on the situation after 2017 – when in 2017 catch quotas will be distributed next time the USA will not receive another 4 billion dollars as a present. Today’s common way of thinking is why to give a credit or to build a ship if we get no quotas? Nothing is ready now, I mean legislation, layout designs of ships, financial companies, shipyard facilities… We need to have the decision about the situation after 2017 ready today and announced in advance.”
At the same time Roman Trotsenko is not very interested in shipbuilding orders from fishing companies. “It is not our market. We specialize on all types of works related to the Arctic, shelf development, sophisticated vessels – large scale things. Promoting the initiative on catch quotas we as public people are not so much concerned about the interests of our own corporation, as of shipbuilding development in whole. There are about 200 enterprises in Russia that can serve the needs of fishing companies. We are not ready to work in that market. What we say is that by giving away catch quotas – while fishing companies export half of their catch volume, pay no export duties, resell catch quotas exploiting our natural resources – we let fishing companies dissipate our national wealth not even asking to renovate their own fleet. This is a temporary worker approach. If we continue to pursue such policy, our fishery will become an extinct in a 10-year time and we will be forced to rent foreign fleet like Mauritania does. The state must motivate business enterprises to have a responsible approach. Why alcoholic drinks are not sold to minors?” resumed the head of the United Shipbuilding Corporation.
News source: RIA,

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