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Russia and Norway Are Ready to Cooperate in Fishery and Oil Production

April 28, 2010

Moscow and Oslo consider it possible to adopt statutes which could facilitate cooperation in fishery and hydrocarbon resources management in addition to defining a border line in the Barents Sea and Arctic Ocean, was said in the common statement.

“Further to sea border line defining, both delegations recommend to adopt contractual provisions which could support and extend cooperation in fishery and hydrocarbon resources management,” said the common statement on the Arctic border and cooperation in the Barents Sea and Arctic Ocean signed on Tuesday in Oslo, reports RIA Novosti.

“To this end a comprehensive agreement on establishing the Arctic border and cooperation in the Barents Sea and Arctic Ocean is to be signed,” was pointed in the document.

According to the statement, such agreement does not prejudice rights and commitments under other international conventions signed by Russia and Norway. The parties recommend to define a border line basing on international law in the name of obtaining a fair decision.

“The delegations recommend to define a border splitting a conflict area in two almost equal parts,” states the document. It also states that with consideration for development in the Arctic Ocean and Russian and Norwegian share in the region, the parties emphasize the importance of bilateral cooperation on identification of outer limits of the continental shelf in accordance with UNCLOS.

“As regards for fishery, the delegations point out special economic value of living resources of the Barents Sea for Norway and Russia as well as for population of their coastal regions. The need to avoid some destabilization of the economy of these regions where the population usually earned a livelihood fishing is emphasized,” said the document.

The statement mentions that making the agreement on border in the Barents Sea and Arctic Ocean is not to exert negative influence on each state’s opportunities in the fishing.

As for cooperation in the hydrocarbon resources, the delegations recommend to adopt detailed rules and procedures ensuring efficient hydrocarbon resource management in case any oil or gas field spreads out beyond the border line, says the document.

The document also records intention of the parties to take all due measures to sign an Agreement on establishing the Arctic border in the earliest possible timeframe. The document was signed by Russian and Norwegian Ministers of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov and Jonas Gar Stere.

Source: RIA Novosti

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