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Russian Insurance Center Ensured Coverage to a Floating Drydock Towing

March 26, 2010

Russian Insurance Center ensured coverage to a floating drydock towing from China to Singapore.

According to the press-release of the company, the towing was performed by means of the tow “Rotterdam” owned by a Dutch specialist towing company within 15 days.

The liability of Russian Insurance Center under comprehensive insurance agreement for the floating drydock amounted to USD 6,000,000.00.

Russian Insurance Center have been insuring marine risks for 17 years. . According to Yuri Nikolaev, the list of recently agreed losses comprises payment of USD 220,000 in connection with cargo damage at the motor-ship “Fort Ross” owned by Network Shipping Co. Ltd., RUR 300,000 in connection with insurance event regarding failure of additional diesel-generator at the motor-ship “NOVIK” owned by Honlan Shipping Co. Ltd., over RUR 600,000 insurance indemnity in connection with damage of the motor-boat “BLUEBIRD”, over RUR 250,000 in connection with damage of the motor-boat “Century Bright”, and the payment of USD 250,000 insurance indemnity in connection of deluging of the engine room of the self-propelled barge “Jascon-5” in Singapore.


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