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Russia’s fisheries sector: Russia mustn’t lose the Atlantic

October 22, 2010

Russia’s government has considered a Draft Development Strategy of the RF Activity in the Antarctic for the period until 2020. The document qualifies the aquatic bioresources appraisal for ensuring the effective fishery in the region as a priority.

Opening the government session on October 21, Prime-Minister Vladimir Putin pointed out that Russia followed closely to the principles of the Antarctic Treaty of 1960 and it planned to consistently enlarge the continental presence of the Russian scientific expeditions. “And the waters of the Atlantic Ocean must surely remain the pivotal resource base for Russia’s fishing fleet as we are well-placed for that”, the Prime-Minister highlighted.

The above-mentioned strategy is aimed at the implementation of the national interests in the region in accordance with the provisions and principles of international law as well as with the key stances of foreign and domestic government policy. The strategy should also keep the national interests from potential threats.

The systemwide problems of the Russia’s activity in the Antarctic are reported by the Russian Government Press Service to have been stated in the document. The Strategy also defines the priorities on the regional expansion, among which is the water bioresources appraisal based on the research into the stock condition forecasting for ensuring the cost-effective fishery.

The strategy is supposed to be implemented in three steps by means of the state programme for ensuring the national interests in the Antarctic. Rosgidromet (Federal Service of Russia on Hydrometeorology and Monitoring of the Environment) will coordinate acts of the executive branch of government on the strategy implementation.

The Russian regional activity is primarily financed from federal budget resources. The outlays of about 5.5 milliard roubles are planned in 2011-2013, while the outlays of about 55 milliard roubles, including the expenses on design and construction of ships for Arctic research are planned for 2014-2020.

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