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During January and February, 2010, Russia’s Sea Ports Cargo Turnover Increased by 7.9% - up to 77.4 Million Tons

March 16, 2010

During 2 months of 2010, cargo turnover of Russian ports increased by 7.9% – up to 77.4 million tons – as compared with the same period of the previous year. Volume of transshipment of dry cargoes amounted 28.8 mln. tons (+12.1%), bulked cargoes – 48.6 mln. tons (+5.6%). These data have been provided by the Russian Commercial Port Association (RCPA).

Volume of export cargo amounted 60.9 mln. tons which is 9.8% more than during the same period of 2009. Of that: coal – 8.95 mln tons (+7.0%), ferrous metals – 4.5 mln. tons (+13.6%), grain – 2.9 mln tons (+22.1%), mineral fertilizers – 1.6 mln tons (+22.8%), containerized cargos – 1.4 mln tons (+37.1%), bulk cargos – 38.5 mln tons (+9.4%).

Imported cargo transshipment constituted 4.5 mln. t. (+22.9%), including containerized cargoes – 2.4 mln. t. (+47.1%).

Transit cargos traffic through sea ports of Russia decreased by 8.7% and constituted 6.9 mln tons. According to RCPA, the decrease was due to the decrease of oil and oil products transshipment in ports of Makhachkala and Novorossiysk. In coastal shipping, the cargo transshipment volume increased by 1.4%.

Operators of sea terminals of the North-Western basin transshipped 32.4 mln tons of cargos which is 1.6% less than during the 2 months of the previous year. The decrease was due to the decrease of bulk cargo transshipment by 4.9% – down to 21.3 mln tons. Dry cargo transshipment volume increased by 5.2% and constituted 11.1 mln tons. The cargo turnover of Big Port Saint Petersburg increased by 13.5% – up to 6.9 mln tons, that of Kaliningrad Port – by 15.3% – up to 2.2 mln tons. Cargo turnover in the following ports decreased: Arkhangelsk (-3.2%), down to 2.3 mln tons, Vysotsk (-23.9%) – down to 1.96 mln tons, Murmansk (-7.9%) – down to 5.5 mln tons.

Ports of the South basin increased the cargo turnover by 2.4% – up to 28.1 mln tons; this was due to dry cargos the transshipment volume of which increased by 9.4% i.e. 9.0 mln tons. Bulk cargos transshipment volume remained at the level of the same period of the previous year thus constituting 19.1 mln tons. Operators of sea terminals of Novorossiysk transshipped 20.2 mln tons (+1.1%), of Tuapse – 3.3 mln tons (+19.1%).

Ports of the Far East transshipped 16.9 mln. t. (+49.3%), of which dry cargoes amounted 8.7 mln. tons (+25.8%) and bulk cargoes amounted 8.2 mln. t. (which is 1.9 times more than in 2009). Companies of Vanino port increased their aggregate cargo turnover by 9.4% – up to 3.4 mln tons; companies of Vladivostok increased their aggregate turnover 1.6 times, up to 2.5 mln tons, and those of Nakhodkka – by 3.3%, up to 2.7 mln tons. Cargo turnover of Vostochny port increased 1.8 times, up to 4.7 mln tons due to putting into operation of transshipping bulk-oil complex in Kozmino; that of Sakhalin ports increased 2.9 times, up to 3.2 mln tons due to putting into operation of oil and gas transshipping complex in Prigorodny.

Source: PortNews

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