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The First Section of the “Vavchug”

March 18, 2010

On March 12, 2010, a solemn ceremony of laying down the first section of the project P1760M buoy boat “Vavchug” took place in the Arkhangelsk branch of “Ship-Repair Plant #176” of OAO “Ship-Repair Center “Zvezdochka”.

According to the information, FGUP “Rosmorport”, buoy boat building owner, held a tender to select a contractor for construction of a buoy boat for needs of the Arkhangelsk branch in November, 2009. Its construction cost amounts to RUR 74 mln.

Buoy boat construction for needs of the Arkhangelsk branch of FGUP “Rosmorport” is determined by necessity for the branch’s fleet renewal due to obsolescence and deterioration of service vessels currently involved in surveying, installing and servicing navigation equipment in sea ports of the Arkhangelsk Region. Each service vessel needs to be replaced since it has been operating longer than standard operation time. The mean age of these vessels exceeds 40 years. In this regard, the programme for decommissioning and construction of the fleet of the Arkhangelsk branch of FGUP “Rosmorport” provides replacement of three service ships of the branch. The first one to be replaced is the buoy boat “Vavchug” currently under construction.


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