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Session of Inter-Agency Diving Commission to Be Held in September

August 12, 2010

In the first ten days of September an anniversary — 20th — session of the Inter-Agency Diving Commission of the Marine Board of the Government of the Russian Federation is to be held. The session will take place on the base of OAO Tetis Pro and be dedicated to new diving-engineering technologies.

The program provides for demonstration diving descents in new domestic ventilated outfit developed by OAO CAMPO on the base of SVU-5 (СВУ-5) armor. Another agenda item is demonstration of new samples of diving equipment by Tetis.

The inter-agency diving commission is a coordinating authority ensuring consistency of acts for development and enhancement of diving and its medical maintaining. Today there are more than 5,500 professional divers in Russia, the overall amount of employed in this industry exceeds 9,000. These are divers working in the Navy and other forces of the Ministry of Defense, EMERCOM, Mintrans, special-purpose diving units of the Ministry of the Interior and FSB, other ministries and agencies and a great number of divers working at commercial diving organizations.

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