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Severnaya Verf Completes Preparation for Launching of a Corvette

March 04, 2010

Severnaya Verf completes preparation for launching of 20380 project corvette Soobrazitelny.

Severnaya Verf included into the United Industrial Corporation, OJSC, completes preparation for launching of 20380 project corvette Soobrazitelny. The event is to take place in the end of March.

Soobrazitelny is the second order under project 20380 and one of four corvettes being constructed at the yard (the leading vessel is corvette Stereguschy) by the order of VMF of Russia. It was laid down in May, 2003. The third order, corvette Boyky, was laid down in July, 2005, the fourth, corvette Stoyky, in November, 2006.

The corvette design under project 20380 was developed by the Central Maritime Design Bureau Almaz (Saint-Petersburg). The ship is designated for operating in close-in maritime zone and countering hostile surface and undersea crafts as well as for ensuring artillery support to sea-borne troops in the course of amphibious operations.

The displacement is 2,000 tons, overall length 100 meters with a beam of 13 meters, cruising endurance is 4,000 nautical miles, crew (including helicopter service group) amounts to 100 people. The corvette can be armed with 100 mm all-purpose artillery systems by Saint-Petersburg Engineering Plant “Arsenal”, air defense missile system Kashtan, supersonic missiles to attack low targets up to 10 km, and two automatic gun mounts AK-630. In construction, Stealth technology is used.

Source: The press-service of the United Industrial Corporation.

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