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Ship-Repair Plants of the Northern Fleet to Execute Civil Orders

December 22, 2009

#35 (Sevmorput’) and 82 ship-repair plants of the Northern fleet intend to execute civil orders in addition to the core activity. That is the result of entering the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC). According to Interfax, the first Russian crane with capacity of 20 ths. tons at the cost of € 30 mln. will be installed at SRZ #35. It will be installed by Norwegian technicians in collaboration with the specialists of Vyborgskiy Plant.

On the basis of SRZ #82, the ship repair center operated in the Arctic will be organized. All civil orders are expected to be agreed with the fleet command and war ship priority to be preserved. SRZ #82 specializes in docking and dock inspections of strategic nuclear-powered submarines and nuclear-powered waterborne ships. Here, NPS Kursk was handled. SRZ #35 where Admiral Kuznetsov aerocarrier is based is engaged in annual scheduled repairs.


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