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Since 2006 Vessels under the Russian Flag Have Not Been Arrested on Issues Relating to the ISPS Code - the Russian Maritime Security Service

March 23, 2010

Since 2006, vessels under the flag of the Russian Federation have not been arrested under terms of international memorandums relating to issues of meeting the requirements of the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS). According to the reporter of IAA PortNews, this was reported at the fifth international conference-seminar dedicated to safety and security aspects at sea and inland waterway transport (State Maritime Academy n.a. Admiral Makarov, Saint-Petersburg, March 16, 2010), said Viktor Kuznetsov, head of FGU Russian Maritime Security Service. According to him, that in December, 2008, just one Russian vessel was detained in the port of Cyprus due to the fact that the officer in charge of security had old-standard certificate.

All 1658 vessels under the Russian flag plying international voyages have the approved security plans and International ship security certificates (ISSC).

Kuznetsov also noted that the Russian Federation was among first countries in the world to upgrade its convectional ships and port facilities in accordance with the requirements of the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code.

Within the shortest terms possible there was organized the work for expert evaluation of the security and development of plans of security of ships and port facilities engaged in international marine transportation. For all those ships and port facilities there were received the corresponding international documents.

“Works performed by the Russian Maritime Security Service allowed creating in the Russian Federation of efficient security system for facilities and transport means of maritime and inland transport, which system complies with the modern international requirements”, Kuznetsov said. As the speaker believes, a measure of efficiency of this work became the appreciation of the General Secretary of IMO, Mr. Mitropulos who noted during his official visit to Russia that our country is among the most progressive countries that approach responsibly the implementation of the international requirements for transport security.

Source: PortNews

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