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Splashdown architecture. Global trends and local experience

March 29, 2012

In the precincts of St. Petersburg takes place almost a hundred rivers, the total length of 300 km, of which 30 km – in the city center. Much of the coastal territory is occupied by industrial zones, there are both operating plants and those that rent out their premises for offices and other purposes.

“The biggest resource in the development of coastal areas – is the use of former industrial areas of redevelopment. They need to become a green area with the parity of the nature and development. They need to maximize weed, to create a comfortable, human living conditions. Make memorial granite embankments – a century before last,”- said Dr. of architecture, professor of urban planning and design of the urban environment Ph Valery Nefedov.

It has long been understood it abroad, on the former industrial areas along the rivers are public business, residential and recreational areas. In St. Petersburg, this process is not at full strength.

Patching Kyle, director of development consultancy Maris | CB Richard Elli sure that thanks to the unique cultural heritage of St. Petersburg and the system of rivers and canals in the city there are many objects that are ideal for this kind of redevelopment. In addition, objects with views of the water, according to experts, increasing in value by 20%.

”Reconstruction of a positive impact both on the economy and the appearance of the city and the tourist attractiveness of the region. It will also improve the ecological situation in the city, to preserve cultural heritage, to create new jobs. No uniquely correct way to create such projects, each area requires an individual approach. And of course, the success of the project must contain a mixed function,”- says Kyle patching.

The newly chosen chief of the architectural consultant of the island of New Holland. If all goes well, this project could be a good example of the coastal zone in St. Petersburg. Ahead of the development of the New Admiralty Islands, the Baltic area of the plant and other industrial zones. According to Maris the total area of industrial zones of the city is 10.5 thousand hectares of them are designed for the redevelopment of 3-4 thousand hectares.

In world practice there are various examples of redevelopment of coastal spaces. This is a business district Canary Wharf on the Isle of Dogs in London, located on the site of the former docks and skyscrapers built up now. And Fort Myers in Florida, involving the redevelopment of the old port area and the restoration of the historic city center.

There are instances when the update area is partially preserved industrial function. The range of Dockside Green in Victoria, Canada, in addition to offices, housing and public buildings include a bakery and a plant for the gasification of biomass. According to the authors project the area will be self-sufficient in energy.
Also in Canada, in Vancouver, renovated industrial area Granville Island gave the training function, is located the University of Art and Design.

Redevelopment projects of coastal areas in St. Petersburg there is a point, but without a common, at least approximate the concept of development, we run the risk of bumps to fill the mistakes of others. Michael Bear, Lord Mayor of London during his visit to St. Petersburg said that the authorities of the British capital just made mistakes in the development of coastal areas.

”In the City of London is impossible to walk along the Thames, some space on the waterfront closed to citizens. This is certainly miscalculation, urban planning mistake. I had to do this more public space”, – said Mike Bear.
An example of such a pedestrian zone may serve as a River walk Project in Detroit, USA. It has renovated more than 5 km of embankments, which are divided along parks, fountains placed, carousels, cafes, bike paths and much more.

Source: Business Petersburg

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