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The government of Leningrad region will celebrate the place of military glory berths for yachts

March 29, 2012

The authorities of the Leningrad region are planning to build yacht marinas near the places of military glory on the Neva. They are designed primarily for foreigners in Estonia and Finland. The project is in development. A private firm is ready to invest in the construction of five new docks on the Neva. In the future, the infrastructure can be used for regular passenger service. In the distant plans – to put on the river port to Shlisselburg water taxis. Municipal news, News

Government of Leningrad region is going to develop a water transport. The first yacht to appear in the infrastructure of the Gulf of Finland, on Lake Ladoga, the Neva river, Volkhov, Svir. In particular, we plan to build a network of docks on the Neva. The concept of water communication should be developed and presented in autumn 2011. Instructed to develop an appropriate program of the Leningrad Region Governor Valery Serdyukov at a meeting with the heads of sectoral committees and the leadership of ”Russian sailing” (CEO Denis Denisov), which has offered to implement the investment initiative, reports Neva24.

In the area of Vsevolozhsky and Leningrad Kirov district plans to build five new berths for yachts from Nevsky Forest Park (between the village and Novosaratovka Sverdlov), the memorial ”Hill of Glory” (opposite Otradny), the museum ”The Break the Siege of Leningrad” (Ladoga Bridge), Nevsky snout ( about Kirovsk contrary Dubrovka), as well as Shlisselburgskaya harbor.

These berths will be designed primarily for sporting, recreational and tourist foreign vessels (up to 18 people), as in the Leningrad region is projected to increase “water” tourists from Estonia and Finland.

”We need to build infrastructure, and in addition to berths for small boats is planned to develop the concept of universal refills (for cars, helicopters, yachts), helipads, green stands for transport. These projects will be combined into a single program, which will be presented before the end of 2011” – told Neva24 in the administration of the Leningrad Region.

If the project is built along the quays of the Neva will be implemented, the region will receive about 30 thousand boats during the season of navigation. It is planned that yachting infrastructure will be created in the first place on the Neva River, then – on Lake Ladoga, in the Gulf, on the rivers Volkhov and Svir.

”The banks of the Neva River is actually related to each other is very bad, not enough bridges. Ladoga Bridge is on the Murmansk highway. I used to travel through the railroad bridge near the Paul-on-Neva, now do not. If the project is implemented, it will double investment – can be will create a regular transport links (about officials argued in the spring, offering to lay a water route from the river port to Shlisselburg. – Neva24). improve transport links between St Petersburg, Dubrovka, Paul-on-Neva Encouragingly, the Kirov, Shlisselburg ”- said Co-Chair of the interregional public association “The City and Transport” Vladimir Fedorov.

Source: Business Petersburg

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