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Trade Unions Can Represent the Russian Working on Foreign Ships - Sergey Ivanov

March 30, 2010

A trade union of seafarers can become a legal person entitled to represent seafarers working on foreign ships in Russia. This is the opinion expressed by the Vice Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Ivanov at the session of the Marine Board of the Government of the Russian Federation.

“Nothing prevents trade unions from accepting this responsibility,” cites ITAR-TASS the statement of the Deputy Prime Minister. “Thus, issues of health insurance and social security can be taken off the table,” says the Vice Prime Minister. – And the most important is the fact that a seafarer need not to address his problems to different authorities himself.”

Sergey Ivanov noted that a Russian seafarer is often vulnerable when finding a job at a foreign ship. “Having found a job, a seafarer does not or have no opportunity to make compulsory health, social security and pension contribution, pay tax, or join a seafarer union because he is to pay for membership,” continued the Vice Prime Minister. – And when this seafarer participating this total economy plunges into a difficulty, he remembers his motherland and that it is obliged to lend him assistance in whenever he needs its assistance.”

The Vice Prime Minister accentuated that primarily it was referred to unfair hirers and dirty employers “in relations with whom seafarers are absolutely vulnerable”. “We should not leave our citizens without state support,” specified he.

The Vice Prime Minister mentioned need for “elaborating transparent game rules, specifying obligations of the parties concerned, and making them clear for each seafarer in order to ensure full understanding of probable consequences of his decisions”. Sergey Ivanov pointed existing legal gaps of the national law and admitted that making amendments to regulatory legal acts is to take much time and effort.

Source: PortNews

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