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Transas Demonstrated Conception of E-Navigation in the Administration of the Vasilievsky Island District of Saint-Petersburg

February 15, 2010

On February 10, the administration of the Vasilievsky Island District reported year 2009 results of social and economic development and its year 2010 objectives. Within the framework of the event, leading enterprises of the district demonstrated their achievements and the most interesting developments.

The stand of Transas Group presented integrated navigation system capable of simultaneous processing, analyzing, presentation and sharing data in line with the concept of E-Navigation developed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). This concept represents a number of technologies designed to facilitate navigation and further safety and environmental compatibility of the shipping.

According to IMO experts, accessibility of such system components as electronic chart display and information systems (ECDIS) are very essential for implementation of E-Navigation. Such system components can facilitate monitoring navigation circumstances. This is precisely why TADS – databases of the British Admiralty comprising a collection of electronic charts, meteorological service and navigation manuals – have recently been brought to the Russian market by Transas Group.

At the event dedicated to the report of the Head of the Administration of the Vasilievsky Island District, Transas made a presentation comprising information on the whole scope of board and onshore equipment produced by Group.

Since 1990 Transas has been engaged in design of high-tech systems providing higher safety for sea and river navigation, cargo traffic efficiency, port and particular objects defense. Currently, Transas is one of the leading producers and vendors of wide variety of onboard electronics, maritime and aviation simulator, integrated assemblies providing safety for sea and river transport, in the sphere of ecology and at high vulnerability objects. Every fourth ship in the world is equipped with Transas navigation systems. Over 150 coastal vessel tracking management systems by Transas are in successful operation in 50 countries of the world. 50,000 of training systems by Transas are used in training centers of 73 countries which makes 45% of the world market of commercial marine training systems.


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