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Russia Is Ready to Facilitate Access to Inland Waterways for Ukrainian ships

July 29, 2010

Ukraine and Russia are ready to sign intergovernmental agreements concerning order and conditions of inland navigation and cooperation with regard to sea and air search and rescue operations in the Black and Azov seas.

Transport Business, Ukrainian information portal, as quoted by its source in Mintrassvyaz, reported that Russia-Ukraine talks regarding inland waterway, the Azov Sea and Kerch Strait were held in Moscow last week. In the course of the talks, all the issues were taken off the table; corresponding agreements may be signed already in September.

Equal conditions are offered for ships of both countries. Only cabotage transportation between ports of the same country require special permits. A ship acquires a right to enter foreign waters subject to 10 day application.

The draft agreement concerning sea and air search and rescue operations in the Black and Azov seas is based on corresponding international conventions. It stipulates the search and rescue area demarcation line between Tuzla and Russian shoreline so that this line and two thirds of the Azov Sea become a Ukrainian zone of responsibility. However, the agreement stipulates that “such search and rescue area demarcation is not related to demarcation of other frontiers between the Russian Federation and Ukraine and does not prejudice it.”

The future of signing two interdepartmental documents being Regulations for Order of Ship Journey over the Kerch Strait and Regulations for Interaction of Maritime Traffic Control Services are still unclear.

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