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United Shipbuilding Corporation presented the export version of the latest Russian frigate in the framework of the Euronaval 2010 international exhibition that closed on Saturday

November 09, 2010

 The all-purpose ship of the 22356 project was designed in North Design and Construction Office for multiple marine task solution.

The frigate’s displacement is 4,550 tons, its length – 135 meters, width – 16.4 meters and its draught is 4.4 meters. The combined diesel and gas turbine main power plant can produce the full speed of 29.5 knots. The economical cruising speed range is 4,500 miles, while the endurance is 30 days.

The frigate’s main attack weapons include integrated missile system Club-N and anti-ship missile system Yakhont (SS-N-26 Strobile), able to carry up to 16 missiles SS-N-27, SS-N-30 or Yakhont (SS-N-26)).

The ship is also equipped with air defense system RIF-M (SA-N-6) with 32 missiles or Shtil-1 (SA-N-7 Gadfly) with 36 missiles. Artillery ordnance is represented by a 130-mm gun mount, two 30-mm firing stations of the close-in objective air defense system and two heavy machine guns on pedestal mounts.

Furthermore, there are small antisubmarine torpedo weapon system Paket-E/NK and up to 8 Club-N missiles available (by reducing the attack missile load) to fight enemy under water.

Radioelectronic weapons are represented by air/surface surveillance radar Fregat-M2EM, remote surface surveillance radar Mineral-ME, sonar system Zarya-ME-03, sonar station Vinyetka-EM, optronic surveillance sensor MTK-201ME. The integrated work of the ship’s weapon systems is provided by tactical data system Sigma-E22356.

Means of electronic surveillance and deception are presented by electronic suppression system TK-25E and clutter-launching system KT-308-05.

One helicopter Ka-28 is ready to operate from the ship.

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