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“Ust Luga Company” Prepares Personnel Reserve

March 23, 2010

On the initiative of OJSC “Ust Luga Company”, the administration of the Town of Kingisepp and Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy signed the agreement on the terms and conditions of enrollment of applicants from the Town of Kingisepp and the Kingisepp district to the Academy on the basis of the targeted enlistment.

The signing of this Agreement became the final stage of the work performed by the Direction for Personnel Management of “Ust Luga” both with the Academy and the Administration for personnel reserve forming for the All-Purpose Transshipment Complex at Ust Luga “YUG-2”.

According to this Agreement, the targeted enlistment is to be performed on the basis of a separate contest. This would make it possible for the leavers of schools in Kingisepp town and Kingisepp district to have special preferential terms for enlistment to a prestigious higher education institution.

Presently, an agreement to be executed between the Administration of Town of Kingisepp and OJSC “Ust Luga Company” is being prepared which determines the responsibility and powers of the parties in the implementation of the terms and conditions of this document. According to the draft Agreement, the company is to participate in the development of the whole procedure of entering the Academy, determine the long-term demand of the All-Purpose Transshipment Complex at Ust Luga “YUG-2” for the labor resources: particular professions and their quantities. Basing on this information, the number of prospective applicants to Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy from the Kingisepp district will be determined. In cooperation with the administration, the company participates in the career guidance for school leavers, in the development of criteria for selecting the prospect applicants and the procedure of the competitive selection itself. Finally, a joint resolution shall be made on the applicants and the final lists of the targeted enlistment applicants.

In the Administration, this work will be performed by the staff of the Committee for culture, sports, and youth policy and the subordinate Youth leisure center “Vybor” (Choice). According to Natalia Berdennikova, a specialist of the Committee for Culture, Sports, and Youth Policy of the Administration of Town of Kingisepp, the selected school leavers will be engaged in a whole range of activities: employment tests, socialization tests and testing of personal qualities, trips to the port and the Academy, participation in certificate and portfolio contests, entrance courses.

Natalia Berdennikova believes that the implementation of this Agreement is a first step in the great and complex joint work of the Administration of the Kingisepp district and “Ust Luga Company” aimed at resolving the problem of youth employment.

Source: Press-service of OJSC “Ust Luga Company”

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