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Yaroslavsky Shipbuilding Plant Laid Down the Third Diving Support Vessel

March 18, 2010

On March 16, 2010, Yaroslavsky Shipbuilding Plant (General Director Vladimir Prudyus) laid down the third diving support vessel of project SDS08.

The vessel (construction number 203) was named “Uglich”.

The vessel customer is the Federal Marine and River Transport Agency of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

Technical-production project SDS08 was designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau. The working construction and production documentation is prepared by DCDO “Petrobalt” (General Director Georgy Taritsa).

The project SDS08 sea-going diving support vessel is constructed for FGU “Gosmorspassluzhba Rossii” (State Sea Emergency Rescue and Coordinating Service of the Russian Federation) and is to be used for:

  • support diving and underwater-engineering operations down to 100 m with sea state up to 3;
  • participation of rescue, ship-lift and hydraulic engineering works in the scope of onboard facilities;
  • survey of water area bed, sunk objects, underwater ship (vessel) hulls and hydraulic engineering structures;
  • ensuring operation of small-size remotely-controlled submersible crafts with sea state up to 4;
  • survey of water area bed, underwater ship (vessel) hulls and screw-steering gears, underwater parts of hydraulic engineering structures and execution of underwater works with participation of divers;
  • underwater welding down to 25 m and cutting down to 100 m;
  • hoisting of found objects with weigh up to 2.0 tons from the depth of down to 100 m;
  • soil erosion and extraction; injured ship pumpage;
  • pontoon purging;
  • operations with hydraulic tools; survey and cleaning of underwater ship body and coastal objects.

The project SDS08 sea-going diving support vessel of Ice 2 class (overhung stem, transom-type stern, elongated forecastle bulkhead, fore living room and rear engine space arrangement, diesel power plant, two shafts, adjustable pitch propellers, transverse bow propeller) features:
  • Overall length – 38.35 m,
  • Length between perpendiculars – 36.35 m;
  • Beam overall – about 7.92 m;
  • Design waterline beam – 7.70 m;
  • Design waterline draft – 2.1 m;
  • Full speed – 11 knots;
  • Cruising speed – 8 knots;
  • Main engine capacity – 2 × 442 KW; Sea endurance – 5 days.

The list of diving facilities comprises:
  • 4-diver recompression chamber;
  • Wet bell system with launching system;
  • Diving equipment with SUPERLITE helmet and DESCO free flow helmet;
  • All-purpose dry-type diving equipment;
  • Hot-water facilities;
  • Communication facilities;
  • Underwater illumination devices;
  • Underwater television;
  • Underwater welding/cutting;
  • Hydraulic tools;
  • Dewatering facilities;
  • Soil erosion facilities;
  • Remote operated submersible craft;
  • Diver ladder.

Source: Sudprom.Ru

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