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May 21 was designed as the Business Day of MIR International Forum

May 21, 2010

On May 21 OSK held panel discussion “Home-Produced Vessels Leasing Development Program”

OAO United Shipbuilding Corporation
Organizer: OAO United Shipbuilding Corporation
Moderator: head of the Financial Planning Department of OAO OSK S.V. Chenchikov

So, the topics of panel discussions match the issue of the day. FGU Rostransmodernizatsiya organized the discussion “Private-Public Partnership in the Implementation of Projects for Marine and River Transport. Special Economic Port Zones”.

As a co-speaker, A. Yeganyan , Vegas LEX company expert, was invited who spoke on specificity of crediting “water” objects, on correct interpretation of “special economic port zones” and use legal framework in such cases.

As for opportunity to arrange such port zone on the river Zmeevka, A. Yeganyan said that prior to conceiving such project, regional specific features are to be studied and the selection of type of financing is to be thought over.

The participants of the panel discussion showed interest in mortgage lending issues. For example, whether alternative financing methods for ship construction loans are available.

According to him, since the borrowed capital could exceed the amount of tangible assets of a prospective borrower, mortgage financing is unlikely to be used for such project.

The sponsor of the section: Gulf Oil Marine.

At the same time on the stage of Gostiny Dvor, OAO United Shipbuilding Corporation organized another panel discussion “Plan for expansion of leasing of home-produced ships.”

Head of the Financial Planning Department of OAO OSK S.V. Chenchikov and Deputy General Director of FGUP Sudoexport I.V. Ivashin were invited as hosts and respondents.

Since some financial companies can address such issues for more than a half-year, the majority of questions concerned availability of executing a lease agreement at a guaranteed refinance rate.

OSK representatives told about operating principles of this direction and their experience, though team composition had recently been renewed.

Transparency is the top principal in OSK work, so, both shipbuilding and leasing contracts are open to consideration. The leasing contract of OSK ensures obtaining 2/3 of financing rate, all calculations being carefully checked.

So, there is one formula here – to address proved and reliable market players.

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