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Civil Marine Tool Engineering: Tasks and Solutions

May 21, 2010

Moderator: L.M. Klyachko, General Director of OAO TsNII Kurs

T.N. Popova T.N. Popova

Development Deputy General Director of ZAO NPF Mikran told about her company – a present-day enterprise engaged in complex innovative projects. The company possesses high scientific and technical potential and state-of-the-art production and technical facilities.

Progress in the area of digital signal generation and processing technologies has stimulated development of new generation radio electronic environment monitoring means.

Special tasks in the area of large vessel navigation (mooring, anchoring, etc.) as well as specific character of operation of low-tonnage river-going vessels highlight a requirement for enhanced radar image resolution.

M.A. Kirilin M.A. Kirilin

General Director of ZAO Mortrest formulated a proposal concerning “Administrative and Technical Measures Critical for Introduction of Hi-Tech Home-Produced Equipment at Newly-Built and Existing Russian Vessels.”

Speakers analyzed activities performed within framework of federal programs related to the shipbuilding branch and made the following suggestions:

  • in order to obtain effective results of scientific researches and prudently use budget funds provided by federal target programs, regulatory and legal framework together with service network are to be prepared in due time,
  • technical regulations are to target projectors and users of transport infrastructure facilities to extensive use of state-of-the-art safety and operating efficiency technologies which found application in global practice or are in development, and not to carrying out minimum requirements,
  • an available intelligent information system for sea and inland waterway transport is to be established, being oriented to an end-user and arranged on the principle of “single window” (a request given, an answer or a link to relevant documents received),
  • foreign experience should be used in development of advance shipborne equipment for newly-built and operated vessels,
  • marketable equipment should be tested and approved not only by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping but also leading European classification associations.

D.V. Voitov

Head of the Department of Unmanned Submersibles and Acoustic Systems of OAO TetisPro

The representative of the company offered to participants of the round table a report on prospects of development of submersible locators and carrying out of diving operations by means unmanned submersibles and acoustic systems.

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