VII International forum
“Marine Industry of Russia”
Hotel complex
Department of affairs of the President of the Russian Federation

Moscow, 24, B.Yakimanka Str
24-25 May 2017
Forum bulletin


May 31, 2010

“Forum is a part of our work. Here we gather with our colleagues. We meet and find future partners and customers. These meetings help reveal shortcomings and conceive achievements.”
S.N. Forafonov, Vice President of OAO United Shipbuilding Corporation

“Dear MIR IF organizers!
I congratulate you with successful organization and holding of the first Marine Industry of Russia International Forum!
This event may reckon upon obtaining status of the central discussion platform regarding branch development issues. Its future depends significantly on the influence on the course of events exerted by opinions given, agreements reached and actions planned at the first Forum.
Inviting officials, projectors, shipbuilders, shipping companies and marine engineering enterprises provides an opportunity of complex consideration of the most acute problems of constructive communication between all stakeholders, search for joint resolutions and ways of implementation.
It is important never stop at what has been accomplished and continue involve key persons determining development of shipbuilding into building of a unified position. At that, discussion is to be not formal and resolutions adopted to be implemented.
I hope that with increasing of number of participants in the following years the Forum will become an industry event of the year and traditional professional parade of shipbuilding and engineering advancements.”
P.G. Plavnik, General Director of OAO ZVEZDA

“We thank organizers of MIR IF for splendid organization of Forum events, good amiable relationship with all members of the Nikolaev delegation.”
Executive Committee of the Nikolaev City Hall
ZAO Nikolaev Machine Works, Admiral Makarov National Shipbuilding University, GAKhK Chernomorsk Shipbuilding Plant, Research and Production Gas Turbine Construction Complex Zorya-Mashproekt, Nikolaev Commercial Seaport

“We had an excellent opportunity to appear amid events related to development of the Russian shipbuilding, meet many corporate partners, competitors and potential customers. At the Forum our foreign partners and we were able to present the whole range of our products and services to visitors of our stand. Top tier arrangement of the exhibition and well placed stands made our pavilion one of the most visited.
I sincerely hope for future collaboration and wish all colleagues successful projects and creative realization.”

«From viewpoint of the representative office of Zeppelin Power Systems GmbH and Co.KG, the Forum was very useful. Presence of many heads of organizations and enterprises of the Russian shipbuilding increased efficiency of meetings and negotiations. We liked the comprehensive business program. The fine premises of Gostiny Dvor only added positive impressions. Zeppelin Power Systems GmbH anD Co.KG plans to participate in this event in future.”
Oleg Prazdnikov, Moscow Representative Office of Zeppelin Power Systems GmbH anD Co.KG

“For our company the exhibition was very fruitful.
We liked MIR IF site, especially its English version. As compared to sites of many industrial exhibitions of Russia, it contained lots of information (tenders, news and so on) on the shipbuilding in Russia.
During our visit on May 19-20, 2010, we held more than 10 negotiations with exhibition participants. We obtained new information to carry our business further and cooperate with shipbuilding and engineering enterprises of Russia.
Kalle Kallionpää, Cursor Oy, Kotka-Hamina Regional Development Company

Forum organizers managed to gather leading companies of the shipbuilding sector. The Business program of the Forum comprises acute problems, new technical solutions and prospects for further development of the marine industry. Participation in the exhibition gave us possibility to find new partners and customers as well as inform visitors at the stand detailed info on capacities of Tetis Pro in the area of design and construction of diving complexes, remote operated vehicle (ROV) suites and research suites. Visitors could see novelties of diving equipment and underwater television and communication facilities, test a new ROV control simulator. We held a number of important negotiations. We are satisfied with results and we are planning to take part in the Forum next year. Since the Forum is dedicated to issues of development of the shipbuilding sector, modernization of ports, retrofit of navigation, implementation of new technologies into production of marine equipment and civil ships, Tetis Pro company cannot keep out of it.”
A.A. Kayfadzhyan, Director of Subsea-Technical Equipment Department of OAO Tetis Pro

“We should mention that MIR IF deserves to be supported as an important industry forum. It is a new form of communication for shipbuilders, equipment manufacturers and ship owners, which is to bring success to the water transport development in our country. I would like to emphasize that thanks to efforts of MIR IF organizers the Forum was held with participation of targeted audience. Mikran believes that for ship equipment manufactures the Forum was a helpful event and it is to become an established brand of communication in business and exchange of experience in the marine industry of Russia.
The Forum confirmed that despite the crisis shipbuilding continues developing, and new advanced equipment which is better than its foreign analogues is manufactured.
Demonstrating possibilities of application of state-of-the-art technologies and new equipment at Russian marine enterprises is not the only principal result of the Forum. We should also mention preparedness of Russian manufacturers to developing domestic electronic radio equipment industry including commercial introduction of innovative products, as well as to expanding international cooperation.”
T.N. Popova, Development and Marketing Deputy General Director of ZAO NPF Mikran

“Sharing our impressions concerning the Forum, we should first thank organizers of so top tier event – the first shipbuilding forum held in Moscow. It is a large-scale, noble and very actual action.
The Business Program was very interesting and informative.
Forum visitors and participants had a unique opportunity to communicate with aces of the shipbuilding without middlemen.
Accessible location and summer sunny climate (under the glass roof of Gostiny Dvor) contributed to influx of visitors, among which politically exposes persons were met.
We would like to wish the Forum to increase the number of exhibitors in 2011, so that the scale of the Moscow forum exceeded all expectations and gave a boost to the shipbuilding.
Olesya Voronova, Cross-Sectoral Trade System

“Our most esteemed organizers of Marine Industry of Russia 2010 Exhibition!
We would like to thank you!
The exhibition was well organized. Its participants were granted an opportunity to present their products and tell about their facilities to stakeholders. Well-thought-out arrangement made it possible for our enterprise to specify specific questions and targets and discuss them with other participants.
The exhibition was quite productive and legitimated our expectations.
We would like to wish all the best to participants and organizers of Marine Industry of Russia 2010 Exhibition. We are looking forward to meeting you”.
Evgeniya Nazarova, ZAO Splav-Spetstekhnologiya

Adria Winch was very pleased with the exhibition. At the begining we have to tell you that the organization of the forum was a great and the feeling was friendly. Also the timing of the Forum is excellent.
We improved the relationship with the our known clients and we have made a new contacts which gives us a better position on the market.
However, the MIR help us to be a deeply involved in the Russian shipbuilding market and it gives a opportunity to promote us as a leading deck machinery producer.
We hope so that you will keep the quality of the Forum at least as it was in 2010.
Milivoj Peruzovic, director Adria Winch d.o.o.

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