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General Director of OAO ZVEZDA Pavel Plavnik Voiced His Standpoint Regarding Ship Machine Building Development at Marine Industry of Russia International Forum

May 19, 2010

Генеральный директор ОАО «ЗВЕЗДА» Павел Плавник At Marine Industry of Russia International Forum which took place on May 19-21, 2010, OAO ZVEZDA succeeded in attracting attention of industry leaders and federal officials in charge to the problem of ship machine building development as a paramount component having great influence on the domestic shipbuilding’s future. Within the framework of informal negotiations with representatives of United Shipbuilding Corporation, United Industrial Corporation, and enterprises affiliated with Transmashholding, common apprehension of economic and politic significance of the domestic machine building was noted, and agreements on priority consideration of prospective Russian machine building projects at resolving on the packaging arrangement for new projects of ships, launches and vessels was set out.

General Director of OAO ZVEZDA Pavel Plavnik voiced his company’s official position and suggested respective strategies within the scope of his report “On Prospects and Problems of Domestic Ship Power Engineering Development for the Benefits of Marine Industry of Russia” delivered at the plenary meeting of the Forum.

Since shipborne power plants make up to 40% of finished ship’s cost and are a key added value source in the shipbuilding, Pavel Plavnik noted indisputable economic feasibility of developing domestic manufacture of shipborne power plants in Russia. And, quite the opposite, mass use of products of foreign machine builders at Russian projects not only impairs economic efficiency of the shipbuilding but also ties operators to service and spare parts and accessories delivered by foreign suppliers for a long time; thus creating technological dependency of the Russian shipbuilding from imports and unstable position of the state with regards to national security issues.

Pavel Plavnik believes the interdisciplinary approach to design and production of modern effective ship propulsive units consisting of an engine, reducer, shaft line and propulsion device in Russia to be the most promising development option of the shipborne power engineering.

This will require the consolidation of opportunities and synchronization of ship machine-building enterprises around OAO OSK. This will also make it possible to transfer from the delivery of separate components of a complex to the ship-builder, associated with the issues of integrating those at the site, right to the delivery of state-of-the-art complex propulsion products.

To ensure efficient modernization of the Russian high-speed passenger fleet which is currently in a tight situation due to its age structure (about 70% of operating ships are older than 25 years), within the framework of Federal Target Programs for the Civil Marine Equipment for the Period of 2009-2016 and Modernization of the Transport Infrastructure of Russia, development of standard design package for mass replacement of high-speed vessels was suggested to be arranged with participation of operating entities and the Ministry of Transportation. The suggestion provides for vessel construction at Russian shipyards and maximum use of home-made components.

OAO ZVEZDA sees its contribution to the development of the domestic shipbuilding in equipping of new objects under construction and those under modernization with diesel engines and new generation reduction gears. In this regard, the company is actively cooperating with OAO Kolomensky Plant being a part of Transmashholding collectively designing diesel-reducers for state-of-the-art projects of the Russian Navy. Currently the enterprises supply a line of project 20380 corvettes with propulsion machinery.

Besides, OAO ZVEZDA works on design of the 4th generation of ЧН18/20 diesel engines for needs of domestic water and railway transport, including without limitation for the purposes of import substitution. The project is to ensure compliance of engine performance characteristics with up-to-date requirements for ecological compatibility, reliability, and economic feasibility, IMO/MARPOL 73/78 certification (marine application), and conformity with GOST 51249-99, 51250-99 as well as satisfying IMO forward-looking emission standards to be effective from November, 2011. The developments affected basic engine systems and changed its physical configuration, to begin with, its new Common Rail type electronic fuel injection system which is one of the essential arrangements to ensure compliance with strict harmful agent emission and fuel efficiency standards.

Besides, OAO ZVEZDA prepared suggestions to the draft Subprogram on Arrangement and Setup of Production of New Generation Diesel Engines and Their Components in the Russian Federation in 2011-2015 (as part of new Federal Target Program for Development of National Technological Base suggested for elaboration). This work is based on the instruction stipulated by paragraph 3 of the minutes of the meeting #7 of the Government Transport Commission as of 02/12/2009 On Development of Diesel Engine Manufacturing in the Russian Federation.

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