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Shipbuilding, Ship Repair, Ship Facilities in the 3rd Quarter 2009

December 24, 2009

Shipbuilding is the heavy machine building sector comprising shipbuilding plants, design offices, scientific organizations, experimental tanks, and conducting the whole shipbuilding cycle.

According to IA Trade.Su analytics, organizations and enterprises of the country announced 322 new bids concerning this sector for the 3rd quarter 2009. 111 lots were announced in July, 95 – in August, and 116 – in September.

The demand distribution in the Russian Federation is non-uniform, and generally, it is focused in large ports and industrial areas.

North-West Federal District made the largest number of bids – 86. Among active participants also were Saint-Petersburg (35%), the Kaliningrad and Arkhangelsk Regions (15%), and Leningrad and Murmansk Regions (10% each).

Far-East Federal District opened 76 bids. 47% of bids were made by the Primorsky Territory, 13% by Sakha (Yakutia), and the Khabarovsk Territory, Amur and Kamchatka Regions – 9% each.

The third place occupied two subjects of the Russian Federation – the Central FD (43 bids) and South FD (42). The leading positions in the Central FD were occupied by Moscow (86%) of bids. In the South FD the leaders are the Krasnodar Territory (57%) and Rostov Region (21%).

Other Federal Districts were less active: Siberian FD – 38 bids, Volga FD – 24, and Ural FD – 14.

Purchases vary greatly: delivery of wide range of floating devices (boats, motor boats, yachts, tankers, icebreakers, cruisers, submarines, etc); delivery of yacht equipment and spare parts; repair operations, scheduled maintenance, and complex servicing.

The customers are both government and commercial institutions. It should be noticed that this tender segment could be interesting for big players, since many bids were made which account hundreds of millions rubles and more, and as a rule such bids are made by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

According to IA Trade.Su analytics, opportunity management ensures significantly lower expenses, save time, provides large selection of suppliers and trading on mutually advantageous terms.



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