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Onega Shipyard floats out a dry-cargo carrier of river-sea class Kapitan Zhikharev

September 22, 2010

Onega Shipyard (Petrozavodsk, the Republic of Karelia) floated out the sixth multi-purpose dry-cargo motor-ship of about 4,500 DWT of the project DCV33. According to Marine Engineering Bureau (Odessa), the designer of the ship, the vessel’s name is Kapitan Zhikharev and its GL class is as follows: Hull: 100 A5 E2, G, DBC, SOLAS II-2, Reg.19, Multi Purpose Dry Cargo Ship, Equipped for Carriage of Containers; Machinery: MC E2 AUT.

Kapitan Zhikharev is a European coaster with conventional length up to 85 m, gross register tonnage up to 3,000 t, with one cargo hold and the deadweight maximum possible for such vessels (about 4,500 t). It meets all the EU trade and port requirements on shipping.

Unlike another coaster engineered by Marine Engineering Bureau (the project 003RSD04, the type Caspian Express) the DCV33 project vessel has unrestricted navigation area and it is designed for overseas shipping.

The first vessel of this project Emi Proud was laid in September, 2007 and put in commission in November, 2008. Since then 5 vessels of this project have been constructed.

Onega Shipyard JSC was found in 1944. It is situated on the shore of Onega Lake in the town of Petrozavodsk. In 2002 they started modernization of current facilities, re-equipment of the plant and training the staff. All these arrangements enabled the yard to build ready-to-operate vessels. The shipyard annually delivers three ready-to-operate vessels to the owner, and in 2011 they plan to deliver four vessels already.

Marine Engineering Bureau is a non-governmental designing and engineering company, recognized by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Russian Riverine Register and Shipping Register of Ukraine.


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